” Bethel Bhawan Shelter Home for distressed women

We rehabilitate, restore, reintegrate and empower women back into society”


Bethel Bhawan rehabilitates, gives skill and vocational training, counseling, formal and non-formal education, and focuses on the holistic development of women and help them to stand on their own feet by empowering them and assisting them in finding employment.

We also ensures that they get the support required to be financially independent and re-enter into the main stream of society and start a new chapter in their lives.


Rahab Centre for Hope, a Safe Home for distressed, abused women, victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

We rehabilitate, restore, reintegrate and empower women back into society. Provide physical & psychological rehabilitation, as well as education, skill and vocational training and employment opportunities to these women, and help them get back int o the main stream of society.

Eunice Stephen
General Secretary



Mrs. Eunice Stephen

Mr. S. Matto

Mr. S. Manthurai

Mrs. Nidhi Sharma

Mrs. Archana Sangaya

<strong>Eunice Stephen</strong>
Eunice Stephen

Family & Education: Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, studied in a boarding school at Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie, and St. Marys High School, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, she completed her graduation honors degree in Sociology from Jesus & Mary College, New Delhi, India’s prestigious Delhi University.  She further went onto complete her post graduation from Symbiosis Pune, and Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.  
Married with two young adult boys, her family supports her equally with the passion to make a difference to the lives of women in distress, and give back to society in a small way.

Work experience:
With 25 years of Corporate experience, she worked with Delhi Flying Club, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Max New York Life, Hilton Worldwide and Ernst and Young, quit the Corporate world and thus began her passion for social work.

How it all began:
A visit to the red light area was an experience that changed her life forever. Seeing women living like hell on planet earth, with the most horrific living conditions, was a turning point in her life.

What good is your education, how could she use it to make a difference in society and transform lives? This is when she made a paradigm shift from the Corporate world to the Social Sector; and work with women who are distressed, deprived, exploited and the neglected strata of society and give these women a second chance to LIVE LIFE. 
She got together with likeminded friends and started an NGO.

Together we can make a difference and bring back a smile to someone 🙂

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